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The Student Accessibility Services (SAS) Exam Centre is the place where students registered with the SAS can request to write tests and exams. The Exam Centre is located on the second floor of the McLaughlin Library.

If you have test accommodations approved for the current semester, and you want to apply them to an in-person quiz, test or exam, you must book with the Exam Centre. View exam booking deadlines. During final exams and busy midterm times some exams may be administered in satellite locations. Students should monitor their UofG email for details close to the test date. 

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Important Exam Centre Information

Online quizzes, tests and exams

  • You need to make an exam booking if the class is writing the exam in-person.
  • If the class is writing online only (not in person), you will write this in the same format as the class unless you have an accommodation that says otherwise.
  • Additional information about Online Quizzes, Tests and Exams 

Reminders before coming to the SAS Exam Centre

  • Please remember to bring everything you need: pen, pencil, eraser, calculator, headphones (if approved as an accommodation).
  • Do not come to campus if you are sick, have symptoms or have been advised to stay home. Check your course outline for what to do in the event that you are ill or required to self-isolate.
    • Complete the Ontario COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool and follow the directions provided, particularly as they relate to isolation. Do not come to campus during your isolation period.
    • Complete a Student Self-Declaration Form.
    • Notify your instructors of your absence. Students who miss a lecture, lab or assessment due to illness or isolation requirements are not required to provide proof of illness (i.e., medical documentation).

Exam Booking Deadline

  1. Students are responsible for booking exams before the deadlines. 
  2. In order to write with the SAS Exam Centre on campus, students must make a booking at least  10 BUSINESS DAYS in advance, and not later than the first business day of March, July, or November as appropriate for the semester.
  3. To make a booking, you'll need to know the date, starting time, length (minutes) and format of the exam (e.g. multiple choice or essay format). Check your course outline for these details.
  4. Steps to make a booking

Finding the SAS Exam Centre

The Exam Centre is located on the second floor of the McLaughlin Library.

Contact Information


  • Fall & Winter: Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (or to 9:00 pm as needed); Saturdays as needed
  • Summer: Monday to Friday: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (or to 9:00 pm as needed during the deferred final exam periods in June and August)
  • Shutdown Periods: after each final exam period, the Exam Centre closes until the second week of the subsequent semester.

*Note that the SAS Exam Centre cannot be open during times when the Library is closed (e.g. Saturday mornings) or during inclement weather.

Inclement Weather SAS Exam Centre Bookings 

  • All midterms booked in the SAS Exam Centre will be rescheduled to at least seven days later and in consultation with the course instructor. Watch for an email from for updates.
  • All final exams booked in the SAS Exam Centre will automatically be rescheduled. For more information, please reference the Office of Registrarial Services' Exam Schedules website. 

Important: Tests & Exams

If you use the SAS Exam Centre, please remember that all test and exam bookings must be submitted at least 10 BUSINESS DAYS ahead of when you intend to write.

In addition, the last day any bookings can be received is the first business day in November, March or July as appropriate for the semester.
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