Missed Exam Booking Deadline | University of Guelph Accessibility Services

Student Accessibility Services will support exam accommodations with sufficient lead-time. Our booking deadlines are at least 14 days in advance, and no later than November 1 (fall), March 1 (winter) and July 1 (summer). This time is required to ensure we have a copy of the exam, an appropriate seat, and adequate staff available to invigilate. If you have missed the relevant exam booking deadline, here are your options:

  1. Check your course outline for what happens when a student misses an academic deadline or cannot fulfill a course requirement.
  2. For final exams, consider whether you have grounds to defer your exam to next semester.
  3. If you are new to Student Accessibility Services and have never had accommodations before, speak with your Student Accessibility Services advisor for other options.
  4. If the instructor has changed the date of the exam with less than 14 days notice, email sasexams@uoguelph.ca.

Exam Centre Deadline

Booking to use the SAS Exam Centre must be done 14 days before the test/exam and no later than November 1st (fall), March 1st (winter) and July 1st (summer). Login to Accessibility Online to book now.