Housing Assistance

Note: Additional information about special consideration requests are detailed on the Student Housing Services website.

Residence Living 

Student Housing Services is committed to providing residential environments and services that promote student success.  Their staff is available to assist students with disabilities who are applying to live in residence.  Single or accessible rooms, cooking facilities or rooms in a quiet area may be available to accommodate specific disability-related needs. 

In order to qualify for residence, you must be a registered as a full-time student at the U of G and apply by the deadline.  Consideration may be given to students who study part-time because of their disability.   

Disclosing your Disability in the Residence Application

To have a disability considered in the room assignment process, please review the Special Accommodation Information and submit a request form when you apply to residence. Be sure to also forward documentation of your disability to Student Accessibility Services.

Please note: SHS and SAS recognizes the importance of single rooms for students with disabilities. However, we may not be able to guarantee requests for single rooms depending on availability.

Attendant Care

The University of Guelph does not provide attendant care. SAS can assist students in obtaining attendant care by linking you to community resources such as the Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) and Guelph Independent Living (GIL).