New to U of G

When you accept an offer of admission to the U of G you are asked to complete the New Student Intake Form and forward it to SAS as soon as possible, and no later than June 15th.  You will also be asked to forward relevant documentation from a health professional to assist us in understanding your unique needs.

After we receive this information we will be in touch to offer guidance and notify you of those items needing your attention prior to the Fall semester. 

If you receive your offer to the U of G after the June 15th deadline, please indicate this on the New Student Intake Form so that we can take this into consideration.  Be sure to check out our orientation and transition programs too.

In addition to the information below, you may also be interested in reviewing our transition planner.

Documentation Review Process

If you are a new student with a disability, we will review your documentation and contact you at your UofG email address about next steps.  All students will be invited to attend the new student welcome and orientation for students with disabilities in September. 

When you first register, the process is somewhat different depending on when you contact us. You will always be assigned an Advisor who will discuss your unique learning needs with you.

Before the June 15th Deadline

Prior to this deadline there will be sufficient time for SAS to assist with arranging for appropriate supports before the beginning of your studies.  Once we have reviewed your documentation, we well advise you of tasks that require your attention.

After June 15th But Before Orientation Week

Beyond the registration deadline, there may be delays in completing all of the necessary steps to arrange for your accommodations before September.  Some accommodations may not be setup until we are able to meet with you in the fall.  It also becomes more difficult to assist with things like course selection and living arrangements after this deadline.

After Classes Begin

You will be invited to make an appointment to meet with your Advisor to discuss your learning needs.  Note that accommodations and support are best negotiated early in the semester in order to  help you get your semester off to a good start.  Appointments with Advisors also fill up very quickly.  For these reasons it is in your best interest not to delay contact with SAS.

You may also want to review our page about when to update your psycho-educational assessment.