Data Collection for Quizzes, Tests & Exams

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Background Information

Scheduling Services, SAS, and OpenEd are working together to streamline the process of gathering information about quizzes, tests, and exams. This revised approach will provide a central location to share information about these assessments. Our goal is to reduce the number of times instructors are asked to provide information and improve the supports we provide. We will use this information to assist you with classroom bookings, to help avoid scheduling conflicts, and improve assistance for academic accommodation for students with disabilities.  It will also ensure that we are aware of technical support requirements beyond regularly scheduled operating hours. 

We require the date, time, duration, and format of all quizzes, tests, and exams in the W21 semester. Previously, this information was collected in a variety of ways, and incomplete information frequently led to stressful situations for instructors or resulted in more work. By streamlining the collection of this data, we can reduce unanticipated problems.

We believe this information is consistent with what instructors consider when putting together a course outline.  However, the test/exam’s duration and format may not be explicitly stated on course outlines. 

We are asking all academic units to assist with ensuring we receive the required information. You can login and see which courses have submitted data at any time.

We would appreciate receiving the information about quizzes, tests, and exams before the holidays if possible, but we will accept it through until the first day of classes. Instructors will be able to login and review the information they have submitted throughout the semester.

If you have questions or concerns, please email