Plan Your Semester Workshop

Worried about getting it all done? This hands-on workshop will provide you with the opportunity to plan your semester, get organized, and start things off right.

Location & Time

Details will be posted on our home page at start of the semester, and will be included in our start of semester email to all current SAS students.

What to bring

  • All your course outlines and schedules including due dates for all assignments and tests
  • Pen or pencil
  • Any organizational tools that work for you (ie. Day timer, agenda, phone, laptop, etc.). We will also be providing a free Day Planner.

What we will be doing

  • Filling out various calendars/day planner with all due dates for the semester
  • Planning extra time for studying, reading and working on assignments

Important: Tests & Exams

If you use the SAS Exam Centre, please remember that all test and exam bookings must be submitted at least 10 BUSINESS DAYS ahead of when you intend to write.

In addition, the last day any bookings can be received is the first business day in November, March or July as appropriate for the semester.
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