Use of a Word Processor

If your SAS Advisor has approved the use of a word processor for your tests and/or exams, then you need to do the following to ensure there is a word processor available for you to use on the day of your exam:

Step 1

Verify the format of the exam with the professor well before the test/exam. Make sure that the test/exam does indeed have a written component to it.

The SAS Exam Office does not automatically know the format of your test/exam. Multiple choice exams do not generally require the use of a word processor.

Step 2

When booking your test/exam please specify that you require a word processor. If a reservation is not made prior, use of the word processor is not guaranteed.

Our word processors are not connected to the internet. Arrangements for online tests/quizzes need to be made directly with your professor.

If you have any questions about the use of a word processor during tests/exams, please contact your SAS Advisor or the SAS Exam Centre well in advance of your exam.