How To Book Exams

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How to Book Exams:

You might also be interested in this video that walks you through how to make a booking.

If you wish to use exam accommodations, follow the process outlined below before the booking deadline.

  • Booking deadline: All tests and exams MUST be booked at least 14 days and no later than the semester cut-off (whichever comes first).
  • The semester cut-off is November 1 (fall), March 1 (winter) and July 1 (summer). No bookings can be accepted after this date.   

Booking Midterms/Tests at the same time as your class

  1. Log into Accessibility Online  (AO) and select your course.
    Note: Do not book online tests at the SAS exam centre.
  2. Click Add a booking.
    Screenshot of the "current courses" section of a student's profile on AO.
  3. Fill in the midterm/test details from the course outline or information provided in class (date, time, length of test). If you do not know the class date, time or length, do not guess. Check with your professor. Incorrect bookings will be cancelled.
  4. Note: If you are requesting to write at a different time or date than the rest of the class, follow the separate instructions under Writing Tests/Exams at a Different Day/Time than your Class.
  5. Click Save and book.
  6. Select the appropriate accommodations for the midterm/test.
  7. Provide information about unique test formats (e.g. listening component, group component) under "Booking note student."
    Note: This booking note space is not for other information (i.e. rescheduling a test). Communicate this information directly to the exam centre by emailing
  8. Click Save.
  9. Watch for an email from that confirms we have received your booking request.
  10. Booked exams will show up in your account in AO in the Exam Centre tab.

Booking Final Exams

Keep in mind that every semester there is a final booking date about two thirds of the way through the semester. See above for exact dates.

  1. Select the course in AO.
  2. Click Book Now.
    Screenshot of the link to book a final exam on a student's profile. It shows the date and time of the exam next to "book now".
  3. Select appropriate accommodations for the exam.
  4. Provide information about unique exam formats (e.g. group component).
  5. Click Save.
  6. Watch for an email from that confirms we have received your booking request.
  7. Booked exams will show up in your account in AO in the Exam Centre tab.

Writing Tests/Exams at a Different Day/Time than your Class

If you are requesting a change in time/date due to disability,*

  1. Speak with your SAS advisor about requesting an Exam Change Form.
  • A request for a different date/time must be supported by your SAS documentation.
  1. Negotiate with your professor regarding the alternative date/time.
  2. Return the signed form to the SAS Exam Centre by the booking deadline (7 days before any test, midterm or quiz OR by Friday, March 6, 2020, whichever comes first).

Viewing Test/Exam Bookings

  1. Log into Accessibility Online
  2. View the tests/exams that you have booked on the Exam Centre tab.
    Screenshot of the first page a student sees after they login to AO. This image specifically highlights the tabs marked overview, exam centre and profile.
  3. Double-check your booking before the deadlines to ensure accuracy. Check the date, time, and length of test/exam
  • It is your responsibility to make sure you have met the deadline. All midterms/tests must be booked 14 days before the midterm/test. All exams must be booked by Tuesday, March 1, 2022. This includes any changes you need to make in your booking.
  • The SAS exam centre often uses alternative locations on campus. Go to the Exam Centre tab the day before your test/exam to confirm where you are writing. 

Getting Extra Time Accommodation for an Online Test/Quiz

Have a look at our page about online quizzes, tests and exams.

Booking Deferred Exams

If you have been approved for a deferred exam, you will receive an official email from the Registrar’s Office. Read the information carefully.

When is my deferred exam?

Please refer to the deferred exam schedule for scheduled dates, times and locations: Deferred Exam Schedule.

What will be the format of my deferred exam?

Be sure to read the exam schedule carefully as some exams will be conducted in person, and some exams will be conducted online.

How do I access my accommodations for my deferred exam?

In-person Deferred Exam:

1. Forward the email from the registrar to as soon as possible and by the SAS booking deadlines. Include the following:
a. course code
b. date AND time the exam is scheduled by the Registrar
c. approved accommodations that you are requesting for the exam

2. Copy your advisor on the above email

Online Deferred Exam:

1. If you are writing your online deferred exam on a date set by the Registrar, SAS will make arrangements for your extra time.
2. If you are writing an exam on a date that has been negotiated with the instructor, send an email to the instructor and copy (cc) your SAS advisor notifying them of your extra time accommodation.
3. Check to make sure your time has been adjusted 1-2 days prior to the exam. 4. If the time has not been adjusted, email and copy your advisor and professor or follow the directions on the exam for assistance.

Important notes:

  • Please ensure that you are currently registered for the semester with SAS
  • Exam booking deadlines also apply to deferred exams (14 days prior)
  • Deferred exams cannot be scheduled during the final exam period or break between semesters
  • Note that failure to complete an exam will result in a grade being assigned based on incomplete term work
  • In the event of a conflict between a scheduled midterm exam and a deferred exam, the deferred exam will take precedence

If you have any concerns about accessing your accommodations for deferred, please reach out to your SAS Advisor.

FAQs: SAS Test/Exam Booking

Under what circumstances can I change the time of my exam?

If you require a change in the exam time due to disability, contact your advisor early in the semester. Changes to exam times must be supported by disability documentation and must be approved by your professor by the exam booking deadline. It is a student’s responsibility to make this request to their SAS advisor and professors in time to meet the deadline.

How do I know that I’ve booked my exam properly?

When you’ve booked a test in AO, you can view it in the Exam Centre tab.  Check that the date, time, and length (it will include your extra time if applicable) are correct prior to the booking deadline.  Incorrect bookings will be cancelled. 

When will I be writing?

You can check the Exam Centre tab in AO for the time and date of all tests you have booked with the exam centre. Students are expected to write at the same start time as the class, and extra time is usually added to the end of your writing time.

If adding time would extend your exam past 9:00 pm, your extra time will be added to the beginning of your writing time, and you will start writing earlier than the rest of your class.

Where will I be writing?

Check the Exam Booking tab in AO one business day prior to your test to see where you will be writing.  We regularly book alternative spaces on campus, and your writing location can change up to one business day prior to your test. 

What if my extra time conflicts with a lab or another midterm?

You need your professor’s permission by the exam booking deadline to write at a different start time or different day than the class.  See Writing tests/exams at a different day/time than the class. (this should link directly to the other FAQ)

Exam Centre Deadline

Booking to use the SAS Exam Centre must be done 14 days before the test/exam and no later than November 1st (fall), March 1st (winter) and July 1st (summer). Login to Accessibility Online to book now.