Important Note about Exam Bookings

When booking a test or exam, students are required to book to start writing at the same time and on the same date as the class.  If you require an alternate date or time as an accommodation, you must provide written confirmation that the instructor has approved the alternate scheduling to the Exam Centre.  This must be provided before the booking deadline, which is 7 days before the test or exam, and not later than the 40th Class Day (March 8, 2019).

Job Opportunities for Students with Disabilities

Are you a student looking for a Co-op work term, summer job, or post-grad employment identifying as someone on the autism spectrum or with another neurodivergence*? If so, read on!

Specialisterne is working with the University of Guelph and employers to provide productive work experiences for students on the spectrum or others identifying as neurodivergent. Through a different hiring and interview process they offer students a new avenue to employment.

New Online Platform: Exams & More

We are about to launch our new online platform for exam booking. The system is called Accommodate, and it will allow us to offer a whole lot of new online services including booking appointments with your SAS Advisor, reviewing your accommodations, uploading new documentation to support your disability.  In time, we will also introduce new features like signing up for workshops and events.

PSYC*1400 Mental Health: Experience to Understanding

Applicatoins are due October 29 for this credit course, which may be counted towards your degree and is specifically for students with mental health disabilities who are registered with SAS. Offered in partnership with the Psychology Department. Please visit our PSYC*1400 web page for more information.

Sonocent Pilot Project

Sonocent comes at note-taking from a unique perspective: it's designed to capture lecture audio and enables users to colour-code it and break it into chunks on the fly.  Users can then add slides, images and/or written notes when they review it.

Learning Skills Workshops

This program will cover learning skills such as memory development, time management, preparing for finals and more!  Pick and choose the sessions that interest you - you do not have to attend all of them.

Career Advising at SAS

Given the interest among SAS students last year, we are continuing to have Career Services available at the SAS Main Office on Tuesdays from 1pm to 3pm.  No appointment needed.  Examples of support include:

No Limits: Driving Success at Work and in Life

Lime Network members are invited to join a special event on Thursday, May 10th (6pm-8pm) for “No Limits: Driving Success at Work and in Life," a fireside chat with IBM Canada executive and longtime Lime Ambassador, Niroshan Subramaniam. Niroshan will share how he successfully navigates having a career and living a full life with a disability – and tips for success!

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