SIF-D for High School Applicants

If you feel that your disability has adversely affected your grades, and that you may be close to the admission cutoffs, please fill out the Supplemental Information Form for Students with Disabilities (SIF-D).  SAS will retain this information and will use it collaboratively with Admission Services if needed. Note that if you receive an offer of admission, you will still need to register with SAS as soon as possible and this is a separate process.

The deadline for submitting the SIF-D is May 1.

Exam Booking Deadline

Check to ensure all of your tests and exams are booked!

If you need the SAS Exam Centre this semester, then you need to submit your booking by the end of the day onTuesday, November 1. Similarly, if you need to make a change to an exam you've already booked (e.g. because the format has changed, or your accommodations have changed), the deadline is the same.

Don't forget: if you drop a course or end up deferring an exam, you need to cancel your booking to avoid a $20 no-show fee.

Impact of System Outage on SAS

Update for September 20, 2022: the automated quiz extension tool is working normally again. We have compete course information about each student. We have full access to our files and records. At this point, the SAS team is working to catch up after delays and slowed productivity last week due to the outages. Some information sharing with other departments is slower than usual as we have had to revert to using paper for some tasks.

More Ways to Get Help

Swathy and Quynn are our new Accessibility Assistants and they're here to help make things work. They can help with practical things like filling out forms, booking to use the exam centre, online quizzes and tests, and more!

Your SAS Advisor will still help you figure out accommodations.

E-mail for information about Quynn and Swathy's drop-in hours, short booked appointments, and online help. They are great for troubleshooting problems and questions.

Learning to Bounce

What is Learning to Bounce?

Learning to Bounce is a new pilot program for UofG undergraduate students whose mental health interferes with school. This practical 6-week program is designed to help you develop the inner resources and support systems to help you survive and thrive at university.

START Accessible Schedule

Day One: Thursday, September 1st

This is flexible day which allows you to move through the stations and attend sessions in your own time

Up until 2:00 p.m

  • Commute to Guelph
  • Move into Residence
  • Explore Campus

2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Info Fair and Services Roam - Rozanski Concourse

  • Check in for START Accessible
  • Visit Info Fair Resource Roam
  • Connect with Student Leaders

2:30pm OR 3:30pm START Accessible Welcome - Rozanski 104

Indigenous Peoples Day

SAS acknowledges the importance of Indigenous Peoples Day as an opportunity to celebrate First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples, and to reflect on the intersection of Indigenous identities and accessibility.

Accessibility on Election Day (June 2)

The following information about accessible voting has been provided by the Chief Electoral Officer of Ontario.

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COVID-19 Update

Students who are using the SAS Exam Centre are still required to wear a mask, comply with the vaccine mandate, and use standard distancing practices. These requirements will be in place until the end of April. Individuals who do not wear a mask in the Exam Centre may be turned away without the opportunity to complete their test/exam.

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