IMPORTANT changes for Fall 2021

Posted on Wednesday, September 8th, 2021

Accommodations for Quizzes, Tests and Exams

Here's an overview of key information you need to know.

Writing a test or exam on-campus?

If you have approved accommodations for on-campus tests/exams, then you must book with the SAS Exam Centre at least 14 days ahead of time, and not later than November 1. We will start accepting bookings on September 9, 2021. Get help with making a booking. Feel free to drop-in and see the Exam Centre when you're on campus during the week of September 13 - 17. 

Assignment Deadlines

If you have a disability that results in difficulty with meeting an academic deadline, you must ordinarily request an extension BEFORE the due date. If you cannot do so ahead of time, you must reach out to your SAS advisor at the first opportunity. Read the full guidelines.

Appointments with SAS Advisors

We are continuing to primarily offer virtual appointments because of public health measures. If you need something to make your appointment more accessible, please let your advisor know. How to use Teams for appointments.

Exam Centre Deadline

Booking to use the SAS Exam Centre must be done 14 days before the test/exam and no later than November 1 (fall), March 1 (winter) and July 1 (summer). Login to Accessibility Online to book now.

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