Accessibility on Election Day (June 2)

Posted on Monday, April 11th, 2022

The following information about accessible voting has been provided by the Chief Electoral Officer of Ontario.

On this page:

Accessibility services at voting locations

  • Availability of magnifiers
  • Access to ballot templates with braille numbering and cut-outs
  • Assistance from a friend or support person in marking your ballot
  • Use of your mobile phone or device as an accessibility tool, including video remote interpreting application

Voting location

Elections Ontario works to ensure that voting locations meet our site accessibility standards, where possible. To confirm the accessibility of your voting location, visit when the election is called.

Election officials can bring the ballot outside the voting location to make the process more accessible. You can also apply to transfer your voting location if another one better meets your accessibility needs by contacting your returning office before election day. Service animals are allowed.

Interpreters and intervenors

Voters who require an American Sign Language or Langue des Signes Québécoise interpreter may book through Canadian Hearing Services.

Voters who require an intervenor may book through Canadian Hearing Services or the CNIB DeafBlind Community Services.

In Western and Eastern Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area, CNIB is the intervenor service provider. In Northern Ontario, Canadian Hearing Services is the intervenor service provider. These service providers will bill Elections Ontario directly for the cost.

Canadian Hearing Services – CHS Interpreting & Translation Services
Phone: 1.866.518.0000, TTY: 1.877.215.9530, Email:

CNIB DeafBlind Community Services
Phone: 613.563.4021 ext.5016, Email:

Assistive voting technology

Assistive voting technology lets voters listen to their ballot choices and cast their ballot secretly and independently. It will be available at returning offices from May 21 to June 1. On election day, June 2, assistive voting technology is available by appointment only; walk-in requests to use the technology on election day are not guaranteed but will be accommodated where possible.

Voters can choose one of three controller options:

Audio tactile interface: the controller has audio directions, and features large, raised buttons, bright colours, and braille inscriptions.

Paddles: the paddles can be pressed using hands, feet, or elbows to vote.

Sip and puff technology: the device allows voters to mark their ballot by “sipping” (inhaling) or “puffing” (exhaling) into a straw.

Accessible format requests

Voting information can be provided in accessible formats upon request. Requests can be made by contacting or by calling our office at 1.888.668.8683 (TTY: 1.888.292.2312).

Voting by mail

To vote by mail, you will need to submit a completed application form and copy of one piece of ID.

When the election is called, apply to vote by mail:

  • Online at
  • By downloading and printing an application from
  • By picking up an application up at your returning office.

Elections Ontario must receive your application form and copy of one piece of ID showing both your name and current residential address by 6 PM (Eastern Time) on May 27.

The ID you need to vote by mail is different. Find examples of accepted ID at

Once your application has been reviewed and approved, a voting kit with a ballot will be mailed to you and you will be unable to choose another voting option. You can use the prepaid envelope to return your voting kit within Canada or drop it off at your local returning office.

Elections Ontario must receive your completed voting kit by 6 PM (Eastern Time) on June 2 to be counted.

Voting by home visit

Contact your returning office to request a home visit from May 5 to June 1 if you are:

  • Unable to go to the returning office because of a disability
  • Unable to complete an application form
  • Someone who requires assistance

Voting while in hospital

If you are temporarily in hospital during the election, you may be able to vote through the hospital program from May 16 to May 18. Contact your returning office to find out if your hospital is participating.

Contact information

Find your returning office contact information at or by calling our office at 1.888.668.8683 (TTY: 1.888.292.2312) when the election is called.

Exam Centre Deadline

Booking to use the SAS Exam Centre must be done 14 days before the test/exam and no later than November 1 (fall), March 1 (winter) and July 1 (summer). Login to Accessibility Online to book now.

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