SIF-D for High School Applicants

If you feel that your disability has adversely affected your grades, and that you may be close to the admission cutoffs, please fill out the Supplemental Information Form for Students with Disabilities (SIF-D).  SAS will retain this information and will use it collaboratively with Admission Services if needed. Note that if you receive an offer of admission, you will still need to register with SAS as soon as possible and this is a separate process.

The deadline for submitting the SIF-D is May 1.

Exam Booking Deadline

If you need the SAS Exam Centre for any midterms or final exams this semester, you need to submit your booking by this Friday.  Similarly, if you need to make a change to an exam you've already booked (e.g. because the format has changed, or your accommodations have changed), the deadline to do so is this Friday too.

Don't forget: if you drop a course or end up deferring an exam, you need to cancel your booking to avoid a $20 no-show fee.

Access the exam booking system now.

Nervous about returning to campus?

We've heard from a number of students who are feeling apprehensive about returning to campus in the fall, which is understandable given that we've all spent the last year and a half learning and working from home. Sometimes these concerns are disability-related, in which case please speak with your SAS advisor. Below are some tips to think about if your concerns are not disability-related, or if you're simply looking for additional options to consider.

Provide Feedback to the Federal Government

The Government of Canada is engaging Canadians on how to improve the lives of Canadians with disabilities. Your feedback will support the development of the Disability Inclusion Action Plan, which will focus on:

Popup Grant

The Laidlaw foundation is providing a funding opportunity for youth who are organizing at the intersection of Racial Justice and Mental Health Awareness. Upto $5,000 is available per grant. Visit their website for more information.

Summer Semester Exams

The final exam schedule for the summer semeser will be posted on WebAdvisor on Thursday, May 6. If you change your courses after that date, please ensure you do not create an exam conflict for yourself.

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