New System - Info for Students

SAS is moving to a new software platform that replaces Accessibility Online (AO). For students, the new system includes:

  • A tool to submit new or updated documentation
  • Online appointment requests
  • A change to the way you request your accommodations each semester
  • A new web interface for booking to use the SAS exam centre
  • A variety of other tools to help improve communication.

Eventually, we'll move our volunteer notetaking services to the new system, but not yet.

New System - Info for Faculty

We have sent an email to instructors for the fall 2023 semester with access to our SharePoint site. This includes tutorials in a variety of formats and a link to access the new Faculty Portal.

You might be prompted to login as SharePoint is a part of Microsoft 365. This content is only available to instructors. If you have difficulty accessing it, please let us know


Touching Sound: A Sensory- led Nature Walk and Workshop

Interdisciplinary artists, Olivia Brouwer and Dawn Matheson, collaborate with CNIB to host a free sensory-led nature walk and creative workshop at the University of Guelph Arboretum Centre for participants who are blind and partially sighted. The workshop will involve the creation of sound-activated mixed media sculptures based on recordings and sensory activities within the natural environment. Artworks created from the workshop will also be temporarily exhibited.

Mid-Semester Check-in with Peer Helpers

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) is pleased to inform you that our SAS Student Peer Helpers will be hosting Mid-Semester Check-in sessions in the coming days. These will be workshop style sessions where you can meet fellow students registered with SAS and hear tips and tricks from the Peer Helpers on things like managing your time and finishing the semester on a strong note!

The dates, times and locations are as follows:

Bloom Scholarship Program

The Bloom Scholarship Program offered by Deloitte focuses on addressing systemic barriers and inequities. It aims to support and empower students from underrepresented groups in in Deloitte's industry while providing them with the opportunity to develop their potential and start a flourishing career in an award-winning culture.

Plan Your Semester W23

We invite you to attend the Plan Your Semester Workshop offered through Student Accessibility Services! During this workshop, you will learn how to access your course due dates and test dates, fill out your calendar or planner with all the important dates for the semester, and learn tips and tricks for planning and success.

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