Use of a Calculator

Use of a non-programmable calculator during a test or exam is allowed only on two occasions:

  • The professor has approved the use of a calculator for the whole class, or
  • It has been approved as a disability-related accommodation by your SAS Advisor and you also have permission of the professor.

When the whole class is allowed

In these cases, the professor generally informs students in class, on the course outline, and/or on Courselink prior to the exam.  When in doubt, ask your professors well in advance and make sure to clarify how he or she will notify SAS Exam Centre. When the whole class is allowed the use of a calculator, you do not need additional approval of your professor.

When the whole class is NOT allowed

Students who have been granted the use of a non-programmable calculator as an accommodation by their SAS Advisor must also have permission from their professor. There are two ways this can be authorized:

1. You may be provided with a "Calculator Accommodation Form." Take it in person to your instructor, obtain their signature, and return it to SAS Exam Centre. Do not leave the form with your professor. 

2. Your advisor may initiate contact with the instructor, in which case written confirmation of the professor's consent will be emailed to the Exam Centre.

In all cases, it is important to confirm this accommodation with the Exam Centre well in advance.  If written confirmation from the professor has not been received, and calculators are not generally allowed for all students taking the exam, then students using the Exam Centre will not be permitted to bring a calculator into the exam room.

If you have any questions about the use of a calculator during tests/exams, please contact your SAS Advisor or the SAS Exam Centre well in advance of your exam.