Readers and Scribes

If a reader or scribe has been approved by your SAS Advisor, you are responsible for informing SAS Exam Centre of the specific circumstances under which they are required.

In some cases, students require the use of a reader and/or scribe only on certain types of exams.  For example, you may need a reader for multiple choice format exams, but not essay exams.  Similarly, you may require a scribe for essay-type exams, but not for multiple choice exams.

Please ensure that you clarify the extent of your need with SAS Exam Centre well in advance of the exam as we must hire someone to perform these functions for you. Unfortunately, SAS is not aware of the format of the exam until it arrives at our centre.

At the time of booking your test or exam, let us know:

  • The format of the test/exam (e.g. multiple choice, short answer etc.)
  • The length of time a reader and/or scribe will be needed during the exam (e.g. all of the time, some of the time, only for certain formats etc.)

This information should be communicated to SAS Exam Centre via e-mail at or by phone (ext 54335) at least one week prior to the exam (or by the 40th class date, whichever is first).