Wellness by Design: Co-creating Mental Health Services

Posted on Wednesday, November 1st, 2017

Student Wellness is in the process of rebuilding mental health services and we want students to design with us!

Understanding that our services are designed to support students, Student Wellness wants to hear your ideas about how to improve mental health services. Using an approach known as human-centred design, we will place the needs of people experiencing a problem at the core of the solution. This will provide opportunities to deeply understand people’s needs and service experiences, generate new ideas to meet those needs, and then implement innovative and practical solutions.

Student Wellness is interested in your participation to learn more about your experiences, your needs, and your ideas.

What will this involve?

Over the coming months there will be a series of on-campus and online activities, exhibits, and opportunities to participate in designing the future of mental health services through Student Wellness.

Engagement Phase (October)

Understanding the experiences of U of G students, what works well, and identifying opportunities for growth.

Blueprinting Phase (November to December)

Designing a vision for future services, based on U of G community input.

Prototyping Phase (January to February)

Generating service designs for testing and feedback from the U of G community.

Get involved in the conversation!


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