Sonocent Pilot Project

Posted on Sunday, October 7th, 2018

Sonocent comes at note-taking from a unique perspective: it's designed to capture lecture audio and enables users to colour-code it and break it into chunks on the fly.  Users can then add slides, images and/or written notes when they review it.

As a note-taking system, Sonocent is different from Livescribe pens or computer programs like OneNote, that are focused on creating written or typed notes.  While they also capture lecture audio, the audio is used to enhance the written notes or is made searchable via the written notes.  Sonocent helps manage audio first, and supplements that with text or images.

The Sonocent ecosystem includes desktop software for the Mac and PC, as well as an app for both iOS and Android mobile devices.  Students can use the software on their laptops in class to capture lecture audio directly.  Alternatively, they can use the mobile app to record lecture audio and then upload it to their laptops, where it can be reviewed, annotated and combined with other lecture resources. 

This note-taking software might be a good tool for students who experience difficulty writing or typing lecture notes in class.  Reasons for using it could include:

  • a physical injury
  • limited hand dexterity 
  • hand pain or fatigue
  • difficulty listening to a lecture and writing/typing notes at the time

Students who prefer to make written or typed notes and are considering lecture recording as a way to supplement them, may not see as much value in the Sonocent ecosystem.

If you are interested in learning more about Sonocent and possibly giving it a try, please contact Athol Gow at  We are able to involve up to 24 students in the pilot project this semester.

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