Saturday Morning Midterms

Posted on Monday, January 30th, 2017

The SAS Exam Centre does not open for Saturday midterms until 11:30am. Regular booking deadlines apply. 


  1. Students who are using the Exam Centre for the following courses will write on the same day as the rest of the class, and the instructor has approved a starting time of 11:30am.  BIOL*1070, CHEM*2700, ECON*3810, MBG*2040, MCB*2050, MCB*4010, STAT*2040 


  1. Note for ECON*2310: in order to use the Exam Centre for the Saturday exam, you must complete an Exam Contract.  Email  


  1. Note for MATH*1210: students using the Exam Centre for this course will write the midterm the day before the rest of the class (Friday, February 10 and Friday, March 24 at 5:30pm).

Exam Centre Deadline

The 40th Class Day is the last day to book tests, midterms and final exams with the Exam Centre. Login to Accessibility Online to book now.

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