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Posted on Friday, March 24th, 2023

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Welcoming You to Student Accessibility Services (SAS)

Throughout the summer, join the SAS and the START Accessible Team for various events, sessions and activities on all things SAS. We have a combination of virtual and on-campus events. If you missed a virtual event, recordings of the first session will be listed below, and the remaining ones will be posted on CourseLink within a day or two of when they happen.

Learning About SAS: 

Connecting with SAS: Dates TBD

Join us for an informal session on: What SAS is? How to connect with SAS? What is the role of your advisor? How are accommodations determined? And what you need to do to access them?  We follow the presentation with an opportunity for questions and answers.

Connecting & Communicating about your accessibility needs: Dates TBD

This session will review important info to help you advocate for your accessibility needs.   If you have questions about how and when to contact your professors, how to get help when you need it, and who can help with academic concerns, this session is for you!

START Accessible Virtual: Dates TBD

Series of virtual academic learning and skills workshops on supports and services provided to SAS students. Get a chance to:

  • Learn about SAS and Campus services and programs 
  • Get connected to a Student Leader 
  • Learn about and how to access disability-related accommodations
  • Connect with your Advisor
  • Get access to information and social sessions.
  • Help you prepare for the fall.

START Accessible – In Person: Date TBD

Join us on campus before Labour Day for this 2-day orientation event. (RSVP required)

  • Attend Exam Accommodation Workshop (review supports available like extra time)
  • Meet your Advisor
  • Learn about services and programs
  • Tour SAS office in Student Wellness (John T. Powell Building)
  • Connect with Senior students
  • Campus Tour
  • Move into Residence early (Note: Students who will be living in residence will have the opportunity to move onto campus on Sept 1, to participate in START Accessible.)

Making the Most Out of University Life:

Finding Balance: Dates TBD

Coming to university is a big transition, full of new experiences and expectations.  Today we will discuss that transition and tips to finding a healthy balance with your academics, social and wellness! (Strongly Suggested)

Learning to Bounce: Surviving and Thriving at University: Dates TBD

Learn how to develop resiliency skills to help you successfully get through the ups and downs in your first year of university. (Strongly Suggested)

Understanding Notetaking with SAS

Is notetaking is one of your approved SAS accommodations? It’s up to you to request notes for your classes so be sure to join us for this session on how to access the notetaking portal to complete your notetaking request. 

Academic-Related Events:

Course Selection and Student Accessibility Services: Date TBD

In conjunction with STARTonline, join us for this break-out session with a focus on course selection.

Are you anticipating using disability-related accommodations in university?  Wondering how accommodations put in place in courses?  Considering taking a reduced course load?  Join us to learn more about the supports and services SAS has to offer and how to access them for September. 

Student Accessibility Services and Your Academics: Date TBD

Are you anticipating using disability-related accommodations in university?  Wondering how accommodations are put in place? Wondering what academic accommodations are available? Considering taking a reduced course load?  Join us to learn more about the supports and services SAS has to offer and how to access them for September. 

Intro to Library Accessibility Services (LAS): Dates TBD

LAS provides SAS-registered students with technology and space that supports reading, writing, note-taking and studying. Attend this session to learn more about LAS and:

  • Alternate-format text
  • Assistive software support and technology loans
  • Library study space

Money Matters: Dates TBD

The session will focus on funding options available to students to help offset the cost of attendance. Government and institutional aid will be discussed, including OSAP, Bursary for Students with Disabilities (BSWD) and other bursaries. (Student Choice)

Managing Your Courses and Your Schedule: Dates TBD

How can you plan your semesters effectively and avoid falling behind? How can you manage competing priorities such as exams and assignments? This session will cover:

  • Using your course outlines for planning and creating a schedule
  • Adapting your time management strategies to learning online
  • Strategizing your study time and using effective study techniques

Rampage through your readings using alternate-format text and Kurzweil 3000: Dates TBD

Do you learn better by having your textbooks read to you? Or in an alternate format?  Want to find out how to install the free campus subscription for Kurzweil 3000? Join us to find out:

  • How to get course textbooks in alternative formats, such as braille, large print, and Kurzweil-compatible PDFs
  • How to install and use the free campus subscription for Kurzweil 3000 text read-back software on personal laptops and mobile devices

Grad Student Events:

Grad Student Welcome: Dates TBD

Are you a Graduate student and wondering how disability-related accommodations may be different at the graduate level? Join us for a session to review and discuss SAS supports after undergrad.

Events for Parents & Guardians:

Parents Welcome to SAS session: Dates TBD

Is your student registering with SAS? Do you still have questions? Designed for parents, this session will review SAS supports and services and ways to support your student through the transition to university.  (Strongly Suggested)

Parents Welcome to SAS session (ASD): Dates TBD

The transition to University can present unique challenges for students with ASD.  Advisors will discuss with parents of students with ASD some ways that SAS and parents can lend support.   (Strongly Suggested)

Use notes, don't lose notes! Take notes with technology to capture all the content: Dates TBD

Do you want to try different ways to take effective notes in class using technology? This session will provide you with an overview of note-taking technologies including:

  • digital recorders
  • smart pens and hybrid digital notebooks
  • computer-based programs such as Microsoft OneNote and Glean
  • Mindomo mind mapping software

 (Student Choice)

September Events:

  • Campus SAS Tours, including the SAS Exam Center and Library Accessible services tech lab
  • Advisor Meet and Greet – connect with your specific advisor
  • SAS Exam Accommodations 101: Learn how to access exam-related accommodations

Important: Tests & Exams

If you use the SAS Exam Centre, please remember that all test and exam bookings must be submitted at least 10 BUSINESS DAYS ahead of when you intend to write.

In addition, the last day any bookings can be received is the first business day in November, March or July as appropriate for the semester.
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