The Impact of Supports for Students with Mental Health Conditions

Posted on Friday, February 8th, 2019

If you are registered with SAS and experience a mental health disability, you are invited to participate in a research study conducted by Dr. Margaret Lumley, Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology and graduate student Sarah-Lynn Boyle from the Department of Psychology at the University of Guelph.

The goal of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of a course offered in partnership with SAS, PSYC*1400: Mental Health and Wellbeing Seminar. Research suggests that mental health difficulties in university students may be increasing in number and severity and this research project seeks to investigate whether this type of seminar may help promote positive adjustment. We are seeking a group of students who are not currently taking this course to serve as a comparison to those that are.  It is up to you whether or not to participate in the study and it will not affect the services you receive from SAS. The staff at SAS will not know whether or not you participated nor see the results until the final evaluation for the course is submitted.

To participate in this comparison group, we will send you an electronic link for a Qualtrics survey. You will be asked questions about your feelings (i.e., questions about mood and anxiety), personal strengths (e.g., “Being able to come up with new and different ideas is one of my strong points”, coping and well-being (e.g., “I am fully satisfied with my life at school”) and relationships (e.g., “spending time with my friends is the best part of my day”).

If you choose to participate, all information will be confidential to the extent possible by law. Please note that researchers cannot offer you direct help as a result of the answers you provide, as they will not be linking any identifying information with your responses  and they will not be actively monitoring student participation and/or responses. The study will take approximately 40-60 minutes and you will receive a $5 gift card for participation. To date approximately 100 students have participated in this research and your individual results will not be published as the researchers are looking at group patterns (comparing students who do and do not take the course).

If you would like to participate please complete the survey using this link.

If you chose to participate in this study, further communication will be through Sarah-Lynn Boyle. She will contact you for follow-up at the end of the semester and three months following the completion of the semester. If you would like more information about the study beforehand or to schedule an individual data collection time, please contact graduate student researcher Sarah-Lynn Boyle at

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