Exam Centre Facilities

Located in McLaughlin Library, the Exam Centre has 12 private and 3 small group rooms available for tests and exams.

Our computers have no internet access and as such are considered word processors. A number of computers are equipped with adaptive technology such as Zoomtext, Jaws, Kurzweil 3000, Kurzweil 1000 and Dragon Naturally Speaking. Reader/scribes are arranged as needed for individual students based on the accommodations specified by their advisor.

Washrooms are located near the Exam Centre. A waiting area includes wardrobes where students can leave coats and belongings.

Alternate Exam Locations

Due to space limitations, it may be necessary for students to write at a location other than the SAS Exam Centre.  When this is the case, we notify students by e-mail ahead of time. During the final exam periods in December and April, about 75% of the exams we administer are in alternate locations. We assign students to locations based on the type of accommodations they require.