DE Courses & Online Quizzes

This page applies to students who are registered in a degree program at the University of Guelph and who are taking a Distance Education (DE) course.  Students who are taking a course through Open Learning and who are not registered in a UofG degree program, should contact OpenEd about their accommodation needs.


Midterms and tests must be booked at least 7 days in advance, and no later than the 40th class day. In addition, all final exams must be booked by the 40th class day.

Online Quizzes, Tests & Exams

Additional time for online tests and quizzes is administered directly by the course instructor.  Please email your instructor and copy your SAS Advisor about the additional time required.  If you would like assistance with setting up this kind of accommodation, please let us know so that we may assist you.

DE Courses: Writing exams on the Guelph Campus

UofG degree students are asked to register with SAS and follow the same procedures as for any other test or exam. 

Writing in Another City

In order to ensure that you have met both SAS and Open Learning requirements for booking exams you must register with SAS, and complete the "Final Examination Information Form" on the final exams web page posted by OpenEd. 

This form must be completed before the deadline or you will be charged a late fee of $30. Tick the box that indicates that you are registered with SAS and are requesting exam accommodations.