On the Day of the Exam

Important Information about COVID-19

Some of our procedures have changed as a result of COVID-19. Please monitor your U of G email for updates about procedures.

Arrive On Time

If you arrive late for a test or exam your time will not be extended.

  • For midterms, students may not be permitted to write if they arrive 30 minutes into the exam.
  • For final exams, students are not allowed into the examination room after one hour beyond the scheduled start time.

Student ID

Students are expected to produce their University of Guelph identification card when checking in for an exam.

Minimum Exam Time

During final exams, students are not permitted to leave the SAS Exam Centre until an hour into the scheduled class time. If you are finished your exam in under an hour you will be asked to remain in the Exam Centre until the hour has passed.  

During the Exam

No talking is allowed during a test/exam. Students may not communicate with one another by writing, signs or other ways while the test/exam is in progress.

Students using word processors during a test/exam should save their work periodically to the computer's desktop. If you require assistance, please speak to the invigilator.

Students must finish the exam during the allotted time. No extra time will be given for completing computer answer sheets, writing down your name, ID etc, or for checking spelling/grammar.

Students are permitted to use the washroom. Please report to the Exam Desk and you will be escorted to and from the washroom.

Items Not Permitted

Students are not permitted to bring the following items into the exam room. If you have an accommodation that relates to one of these things, or the instructor has provided other directions, please discuss this with us before the exam.

  • Mobile and other electronic devices
  • Backpacks, purses and coats
  • Food of any kind
  • Calculators
  • Notes, books or other papers

Leaving the Exam

When you are finished your exam or the allotted time has passed:

  • bring your examination materials to the Exam Desk,
  • place your exam and any unused exam booklets and/or scantrons in the envelope,
  • seal the envelope, 
  • print your name on the back of the envelope to show that everything is inside. Students who are permitted to use a formula sheet may also need to submit this as well. 

If you used a computer during your exam, you may not leave until you have checked over the printed copy. You must include your printed copy in your exam envelope. Students should speak with the invigilator for assistance.

Students who are waiting to leave are not allowed use of communications devices until they are permitted to leave. The restriction applies for students who start their exams earlier in order to receive accommodations of extra time so that they finish by our closing time of 9:00 pm.