Booking Guidelines & Procedures

Important Information about COVID-19

Some of our procedures have changed as a result of COVID-19. Please monitor your U of G email for updates about procedures.

Deadline to Book Tests & Exams

Tests and exams must be booked at least 7 days in advance of when they are scheduled to be administered. In addition, the last day to book any test or exam in the SAS Exam Centre is the 40th Class Day of each semester.  These deadlines are considered to have the same weight and significance as any other academic deadline.

Late exam requests will be considered on the basis of extenuating circumstances, however, in many cases it is not possible to accommodate requests after the booking deadlines.  Time is required to ensure that space is available, sufficient staff are hired and scheduled to work, a copy of the exam is available, and to coordinate the specifics of each student's accommodations. In the event that a late exam request is not approved, the student may seek a deferred exam through the regular academic procedures, and accommodations may be provided when/if the deferred exam is administered.

Accurate Booking

If you make an error such as booking the wrong date, time or course code, the computer will not catch it, and the Exam Centre staff may not catch it.  An error can result in your exam being unavailable at the time that the exam is being written. It is the student's responsibility to ensure information is entered correctly.  If you notice a mistake after you have made a booking, please contact us by email immediately.

Confirming Details

When you use the Exam Booking system you will be automatically sent an email verifying your booking. You may, at any time, go to this site and review your upcoming tests and exams by clicking on "My Upcoming Events".  Unless there is a change or question relating to your booking, we do not send additional reminders.

Changes to Exam Format

If the exam format changes after you have submitted a booking, and this may affect the accommodations you need, please contact the SAS Exam Centre as soon as possible.

Changes to Registration (Courses)

If you switch to a different section of a course at anytime during the semester, please contact SAS Exam Centre to ensure your correct section shows. Failure to do this may result in the cancellation of your booking. If you have booked with the SAS Exam Centre and subsequently drop the course, you must notify notify us in order to cancel the booking.

Date or Time Changes

Unless other arrangements have been made, students will write tests and exams at the Exam Centre at the same time that the class is writing. Alternate times must be approved by your instructor.

If there has been a change to the exam information that you provided to SAS Exam Centre, please complete an Exam Change Form.

The Exam Change Form is available from your Advisor or the SAS Exam Centre, and is due in the Exam Centre by the same deadlines as for booking tests and exams.

Missed Tests & Exams

There is a $20.00 fee if you miss a test or exam that you have booked with the Exam Centre. If you have dropped a course or no longer require use of the Exam Centre, please let us know immediately so that we can cancel your booking.

Rules & Regulations

SAS observes the same set of rules and regulations governing the administration of exams as is in place throughout the University. Issues relating to academic misconduct are carefully documented and reported to the course instructor for follow-up.