Proctors, Readers and Scribes

Our proctors and scribes are part-time casual staff members, who are scheduled to work as needed. We do not hire undergraduate students to act as proctors.  All members of this team receive training on exam procedures.

Readers and Scribes

Occasionally a student will need a reader and/or scribe for disability-related reasons.  When possible we prefer to use adaptive technology as a first option, and a reader/scribe as a secondary alternative.

Individuals performing a reader/scribe function may simply be a member of our staff team without specialized training in the academic discipline of the exam.

Where familiarity with the notations and taxonomy of the discipline is necessary for a reader or scribe, we frequently consult with the instructor in order to find an appropriate person to fill this role.

It is understood that the role of a reader/scribe is to ensure they are not explaining, interpreting, or in other ways hinting at the answers on an exam.