Courier Service

SAS currently offers a courier service to pick-up and drop-off exams.  Typically we notify the academic department of the need for one or more copies of the exam three working days before the scheduled date of the exam.

A member of the SAS Exam Centre staff will stop by the academic department in the afternoon before the exam is to be written.  Exams that are not ready to be picked up at this time can be dropped off at the Exam Centre before the end of the business day.

In order to ensure that we are able to meet the accommodation needs of our students, and operate the Exam Centre efficiently, we require a copy of the exam no later than the day before it is to be written.

SAS will return exams to the academic department on the next business day after it has been written.  Faculty members may pick-up the exam after it has been completed if it has not already been sent out for delivery.  We maintain written records of each time an exam changes hands.

Note that during the spring and summer, SAS is not able to provide a courier service, and we ask academic departments make the necessary arrangements for pick-up and drop-off.