Campus Community

Make a Referral

Learn about how to make a referral in order to help students get the support they need.

Plan an Event

If you are planning an event on campus, you may want to consider how to make it accessible.

Support/Service Animals

The University has an animals on campus protocol that a framework for how we manage support/service animals, and we have some additional information available about service animals under AODA.  Students who wish to bring a Support/Service Animal into the University's facilities must register with SAS by completing a New Student Intake Form, and providing supporting documentation.  We have also put together some general information about the behavioural expectations of support/service animals.

Committees to Improve Accessibility

There is an Accessibility Committee on campus, with numerous sub-committees who look at full inclusion from a variety of perspectives ranging from communication to the physical environment. You can read more about the University's commitment to the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), website accessibility, accessible parking, and our multi-year accessibility plans.

In addition, the University has a Student Mental Health Committee, which has established a mental health framework dedicated to promoting student well-being.

Employees of the University

For staff and faculty who are experiencing a disability, Occupational Health and Wellness provides support in the form of workplace accommodations, a return to work program, and a variety of wellness initiatives.

Opportunities for Ongoing Learning

Finally, the Guelph Accessibility Conference is hosted on campus every year at the end of May. The conference welcomes accessibility novices and experts, and provides an opportunity to share ideas among people from a range of backgrounds including post-secondary education, as well as other public and private sectors.