Registering as a New Student

Once you’ve accepted your offer of admission to the University of Guelph, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Complete the New Student Intake Form and forward it to SAS as soon as possible, and no later than June 15th.
  2. Provide relevant documentation about your disability from a health professional to help us understand your unique needs.
  3. Register for one of our orientation and transition programs.


After we receive this information from you, we will be in touch to offer guidance and notify you of what you need to do before the Fall semester.

If you receive your offer to the U of G after the June 15th deadline, please indicate this on the New Student Intake Form so that we can take this into consideration.

If you register before the June 15th

If you send all necessary information and documentation before this deadline, SAS will be able to help arrange appropriate supports and accommodations before classes start in September.

We will review your documentation and contact you at your UofG email address about next steps.

If you register after June 15th but before Orientation Week

If you miss the June 15 deadline, SAS may not be able to have all your accommodations in place before September.  Some accommodations may not be set up until we are able to meet with you in the fall. It also becomes more difficult to assist with things like course selection and living arrangements after this deadline.

If you register after classes begin

Register as soon as possible for the best start to your semester. Once you contact us, we will invite you to make an appointment to meet your advisor. You’ll discuss your learning needs at this first meeting, as well as put accommodations in place.

Appointments with advisors also fill up very quickly. Do not delay to contact us!


What to bring to your first appointment

  • documentation, if you haven’t already provided it

  • pen and paper

  • course outlines for each of your classes

  • agenda, calendar, or whatever you use to track deadlines and assignments

How accommodations are determined

SAS removes barriers so you can participate equitably without giving you an unfair advantage. It is a difficult balance.

We review your documentation of the functional limitations you experience and tailor the accommodations to your individual needs. This means two people with the same diagnosis might have different accommodations based on the unique aspects of their circumstances and the courses they are taking.

Sometimes the essential requirements of a course or program are not reasonable for a student with certain disabilities. In this case, we will work collaboratively with you and the academic department to come up with appropriate alternatives.

Implications for Tests and Exams

You need to meet with your advisor before you can book a test or exam with the Exam Centre. Make an appointment with your advisor as early as possible so you can access your accommodations right from the start of the semester.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with our exam booking guidelines and procedures as there are important deadlines you will need to know.