Erik Sesbreno

R.D., Dip. Sport Nutrition IOC Sport Dietitian & ISAK L3 Anthropometrist

Erik is a full time sport dietitian in high performance sports.  He works at the Canadian Sport Institute Ontario with targeted athletes and coaches to develop and deliver world-class nutrition support in the daily training environment, assist with body composition management, conduct nutritional assessments to determine nutritional requirements and develop evidence-based nutrition plans focused on the needs of the sport and the athlete.  He conducts, collaborates in and evaluates research and innovation projects in an effort to further the discipline.

He is also an accredited anthropometrist and completed his ISAK level 3 "instructor's program" at the USA Olympic Training Centre, Chula Vista.  He has managed ISAK accreditation courses at various locations across Canada such as the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific, Canadian Sport Institute Ontario, Ottawa University, l’Institut National du Sport du Quebec, Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba, Oregon State University, Toronto Maple Leafs and Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic.  

Over the last two years, he has worked with able-bodied and para-athletes participating in club, collegiate, provincial and national high performance sport programs:

  • Triathlon Canada
  • Hockey Canada
  • Athletics Canada
  • Canoe/Kayak Canada
  • Cycling Canada (Track/Road/Mountain)
  • Swimming Canada
  • Wrestling Canada
  • Cycling Ontario (Track/Road/Mountain/BMX)
  • Rowing Ontario
  • Canoe/Kayak Ontario
  • University of Guelph - Gryphons Track and Field
  • Carleton University - Rugby and Basketball
  • SpeedRiver Track and Field - Guelph, ON
  • Rideau Canoe/Kayak Club - Ottawa, ON
  • Ontario Blind Sport Association - HP camp
  • Para-Athletics Canada Development Camp