Heading back outdoors

Posted on Wednesday, February 17th, 2016

Many of us eagerly await spring’s arrival, as we look forward to warmer temperatures and the long awaited return to outdoor exercise. Now that spring has arrived, it’s important not to rush the transition from indoors to out. Doing too much, too soon can lead to injury and land you in rehab when you least expect it.

Indoor exercise takes place in a controlled environment, which can make it difficult to adapt to the unpredictable outdoors. While sunshine and fresh, warm air can make the outdoors a much more enjoyable experience, it’s important to take time to reacclimate to the uneven terrain you’re exposed to outdoors. Whether you’re moving from a treadmill to outdoor trails, or from a stationary bike to the open road, start off with shorter distances and gradually increase them as you readjust. 

And, don’t forget to switch from indoor workout gear to outdoor shoes and clothing.

Happy trails!