Bounce back after your pregnancy with chiropractic care

Posted on Saturday, March 12th, 2016

Pregnancy is a time of unbelievable changes, including what it can do to your body. Your body adjusts for pregnancy by loosening joints, and different muscles may tighten while others stretch. Everything can feel off-balance. Even the simple act of standing up from sitting can feel unstable.

A lot of the aches and pains resolve after delivery, but many women can experience new issues. Carrying a car seat or nursing can put new demands on an already tired body. Many women feel that things “don't work like they used to” when they go back to their favourite sports and activities.

The good news is there are lots of ways to bounce back

While pregnancy isn’t an injury, it does put your body through lots of similar shocks and changes. A thorough chiropractic assessment can determine what’s needed to get you back on track by:

  • Identifying the specific changes or weaknesses in your core. During pregnancy, you can experience a separation in abdominal tissue, which may lead to issues with incontinence or stability problems.
  • Identifying which joints may be moving too little or moving too much. The tightening and stretching of muscles and ligaments can affect your joints, which then leads to pain.

Your treatments will depend on your goals. Every woman is different. Our objective is to focus on empowering you with the right tools to restore healthy joint movement and stability. It doesn’t matter if you want to run a 10k or if you are looking for ways to feel more comfortable. Every goal is equally important.

Here’s what you can expect with chiropractic treatment

  • Learn ways to adjust your posture to help neutralize extra pressure on joints and use your core muscles to support your joints
  • We’ll work with you every session to make sure you know how to find and contract the key deep core muscles. You’ll learn easy ways to use these techniques in your everyday activities
  • Sessions include Active Release Technique to reduce tension and pain in overused muscles
  • Adjustments or mobilizations will help restore proper joint function 

Learn more about Chiropractic services from HPC or email Dr. Kate Henderson directly with any questions specific to post-partum recovery and chiropractic care.