Kids, apps and nutrition

Posted on Thursday, January 21st, 2016

It’s hard enough maintaining healthy eating habits as an adult, add kids to the mix and nutrition can start to feel like a never ending battle between limited time and healthy choices. Thankfully—as they say—there’s an app for that—in fact, there are several.
Let’s be honest: kids these days are glued to their smartphone screens, so why not take advantage and use phone apps to serve up nutrition advice? With educational apps like Health Canada’s “My Food Guide” to help kids track what they’re eating and provide healthy food examples, to fun apps like “Smash your Food,” designed to entertain while they teach, there’s an app available to educate kids on the how’s and why’s of great nutrition in everyday life—all in an entertaining and engaging way!

And, while you’re at it – there are some helpful apps out there for you, too. “Shopwell,” lets you scan UPC codes to get instant results about the food you’re about to add to your shopping cart. “Gojee,” provides great recipe ideas for that new veggie you want to try, but have no idea how to prepare. These and other nutritionally savvy apps can help you make healthier choices as a family.
For more information on recipes or tips to fit healthy eating into your routine, visit with one of our Registered Dietitians. They can help develop an eating plan to suit your busy family, shed some pounds, fuel your sport or just reduce stress by having a plan for 2016.