Massage therapy and young athletes

Posted on Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

From soothing sore muscles and decreasing muscle tension to enhancing athletic performance, massage therapy can provide unique benefits to young athletes.
Thanks to their growing bodies, youth are often injured in different ways than adult athletes. Because bones grow before muscles and tendons, younger athletes are more likely to suffer from sprains, strains and repetitive motion injuries.
Massage therapy has been shown to offer multiple benefits for healing and pain relief and has even been linked to better body awareness and increased levels of the ‘feel good’ hormone, dopamine.
At HPC, our Registered Massage Therapists also incorporate mild stretching into treatments, to help increase range of motion. Depending on our younger clients’ age, we offer shorter treatments to correspond with shorter attention spans.
Finally, as many of us have experienced firsthand, massage therapy helps clients of all ages, relax, reduce stress and sleep better. Who wouldn’t want to experience that?