Volunteer Opportunities at HPC

Volunteer Opportunities at HPC

Applications for Summer 2018-Winter 2019 will be available from Monday, March 12th to Sunday, March 25th. Please apply on the Health and Performance Centre Gryphlife page. Gryphlife can be accessed using your UofG log-in credentials, and the application can be accessed by joining the HPC Gryphlife page and completing the application under the forms section.

About HPC Volunteers

The Health and Performance Centre invites undergraduate students to submit an application for volunteer placements. These placements allow students to gain first hand knowledge in the various disciplines of HPC and put their academic knowledge into practice. Volunteer placements are available in HPC's various departments within the Centre (physiotherapy and chiropractic). Volunteers will be involved in clinical and research experiences and special events.

Clinical Volunteer Experience

Volunteers have the opportunity to shadow the practitioners. Volunteers may be given the opportunity to have direct contact with HPC clients and to assist with treatment protocols. This is a terrific way to learn more about the profession and the role of the practitioners. 

Special Events

Volunteers have the opportunity to represent HPC at health fairs, College Royal and other special events. 


Volunteers are asked to develop educational materials for HPC patients and to perform research for practitioners. Educational boards and pamphlets on a variety of sports injuries or health related topics are developed by volunteers and showcased within HPC.

Expectations of Volunteers

Volunteer positions are a minimum of 3-5 hours per week, plus orientation, meetings and AODA training. Preference is given to students that have completed 4 or more semesters of study and have a high level of academic achievement. As a member of HPC, it is expected that volunteers will always present themselves in a professional manner and be conscientious, reliable and punctual. Volunteers are expected to sign a consent and code of conduct arrangement. Volunteers will have the ability to develop the following personal skills while at HPC: ability to work independently and in a group setting, ability to work with little supervision, leadership, time management, organizational, public speaking, presentation, critical thinking and writing.


For any volunteer inquiries, please email HPC at hpc.volunteer@uoguelph.ca.