HPC Concussion Management Services

Baseline Testing

Comprehensive baseline testing helps to establish an athletes “normal” level on a number of physical and cognitive tests. Baseline values can vary between athletes and understanding each athletes “normal” ensures objective measures are available when it comes to making return-to-play decisions.

Baseline testing can include:

  • ImPACT Neurocognitive testing (Used by CFL and OHL teams) establishes a baseline for measures of brain function such as memory, reaction time, and problem solving
  • Balance, coordination, and agility assessment
  • Detailed Symptom Assessment
  • Thorough interview regarding past concussions or potential head injuries
  • Full upper body scan including strength, sensation, reflexes, and range of motion

Post-Concussion Management

Recovering from a concussion requires individualized care for each athlete. Treatments can include:

  • Re-testing to compare against baseline data (when available)
  • Full physiotherapy assessment of post-concussive symptoms
  • Physiotherapy management of related injuries such as whiplash, which can cause prolonged headaches and other symptoms similar to post-concussive symptoms
  • Patient education on safe return to play decisions, and managing your concussion at school, work, and exercise
  • Off-site access to Skating Treadmill or On-Ice Physiotherapy for return to play testing, and sub-symptom threshold exercise training
  • Ongoing communication with family physicians and specialists