Beat the heat and hydrate your body the right way!

Water is an important part of our diet. It is in the foods and beverages we consume daily. Water makes up 60-70 % of our body so it’s no surprise that it is responsible for regulating many functions within the body. Water helps with food digestion. It helps the body to get rid of waste, control body temperature, transport nutrients, protect organs and joints and regulate our fluid and electrolyte balance. Fluids include milk, tea and juice, but water is the best fluid to quench your thirst! Choose water, small amounts of 100% juice and low fat milk or soy beverages more often.

Did you can turn your blender into a magic bullet and a food processor?

I can't tell you how many times I have felt like making a smoothie, but ended up with fruit and yogurt in a bowl instead because I didn't feel like washing the blender.

Smoothies made with healthy ingredients can provide lots of nutrients and lasting energy. There are hundreds of different flavour combinations and they can make a great snack or a component to a meal. You can even make a smoothie the night before if you are worried about waking your room mates!

Break the Fast!

The word breakfast originated during the 15th century, and as the name suggests, it literally means to break the fasting period of the prior night. For years and years people all over the world have been starting their days out with a morning meal. What is served at breakfast varies across cultures, however; one thing remains consistent – it is always eating in the morning. Breakfast has often been touted as the most important meal and it’s true! There are many benefits of having something to eat in the morning before you start your day.

Eat your antioxidants, and get them from food, not supplements!

We’re all used to being told to eat our fruits and vegetables, to get enough fibre, and drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. Recently though, we’re being told to eat foods rich in antioxidants. Now you might think“ oh yes, of course!” But do you really know what an antioxidant is, or why they are considered so good for you?

Debunking Detox Diets

Most of us look to the holidays as a time to get together with friends and family, hopefully get in a little R&R, and enjoy some great food. However, once the holidays are said and done, we look forward to the New Year to get ourselves back on track and even make some changes to our health. I'm sure we have all heard new years resolutions that start with "I want to lose weight, so I'm going to go on a diet". You might have even heard people say, "I'm going try this 4-day juice cleanse" or "I'm doing a detox". Cleanses and detox diets have gained much attention in the media recently.

Does Red Bull really give you wings?

With midterm season in full swing, students are realizing there are not enough hours in the day to study and that maybe they should have attended that 8:30am lecture more often.  As stress levels increase and sleeping takes a back seat to studying, many students may turn to a risky alternative to keep them awake - energy drinks. 

Surviving September!

September is an exciting time! Whether you are a returning student or new to the University of Guelph, September offers an opportunity for a fresh start – new classes, new people and new experiences. With all that goes on in September, however, it can also be quite stressful at times. Many students have come to the University of Guelph from a different city and have left behind the comforts of home, and home cooked meals!

Eating Healthy or Healthy Eating?

As school is about to commence, students may already be overwhelmed and hauled into a hectic schedule within the first week. There are classes to prepare for, people to meet, events and meetings to go to, and work to do.

This means that taking some quality time out for eating may be compromised. Although eating healthy means eating a balanced diet, how we eat, or healthy eating, is just as important.

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