Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Microbiome

Last month's blog post highlighted a number of reasons why the human microbiome is absolutely essential to our health. And, as discussed last month, consuming fermented foods is one of the best ways to maintain healthy gut flora. But there are numerous other, less-known methods to keep your gut healthy.

What is the Human Microbiome?

Bacteria often get a bad rep in our society. We wash our hands with anti-bacterial soap, spray our counters with Lysol, and typically throw out food that’s been dropped on the floor. But in spite our efforts to keep them at bay, these much-maligned organisms are already housed in our own bodies. Approximately one hundred trillion microbes live in our guts, making up a unique ecosystem dubbed the “human microbiome.” For an idea of just how large the microbiome is, it has been estimated that humans contain ten times more bacterial cells than human cells! 

What's wrong with Canada's food guide?

Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide (originally called Canada’s Official Food Rules) has been around since 1942 and is meant to provide guidance when it comes to making healthy and nutritionally adequate food choices. There has been much talk recently about the state of the Food Guide and many calls for an update.

What if you're not eating enough?

We are constantly bombarded with messages that we are eating too much – too much salt, too many calories, too many carbs, too much fat… I see students each week who want guidance to cut back in order to improve their health.  It might surprise you to know that many of the students I see are actually eating too little. It worries me that we have started to think that less (fewer calories, lower weight) is always better.

Make healthy eating fit your schedule and budget!

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When chatting with students about healthy eating, the two biggest barriers that they describe are time and money. Try these tips to make healthy eating fit your schedule and budget.

Should I cut out dairy?

We are constantly bombarded with a list of foods that we should include and foods we should avoid. It seems that the newest food trend involves banishing dairy from our diets. With so much information out there, many individuals feel at a loss in terms of what to believe. I don’t blame you!

So really…should I cut out dairy?

Unless you have an allergy or medical condition that requires you to avoid a specific food, I don’t believe that any food should be cut out completely.

Exam Survival

Exam season is just around the corner (don't worry, so is summer vacation!). Aim to make the most of your final two weeks on campus by making sound food choices that will support energy levels, concentration, focus, and retention of all that information you've been trying to cram into your brain!

Love Your Lunch

We can all agree that being a student is pretty great.  Flexible schedules; few real-life responsibilities; living away from home – it sounds amazing!  However, our bank accounts tend to tell a different story.  Between tuition, rent, textbooks, and entertainment, our budget for food can be pretty tight.  As we all know, the food on campus is amazing, but without a student card, it can get expensive to constantly purchase meals on campus.  Bringing your own lunch to campus may seem like a pain, but trust me, it’ll save you valuable dollars that you can spend on books or clothes, or saving f

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