Make healthy eating fit your schedule and budget!

Posted on Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

Written by Lindzie O'Reilly

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When chatting with students about healthy eating, the two biggest barriers that they describe are time and money. Try these tips to make healthy eating fit your schedule and budget.

  1. Plan ahead

    Without a dinner plan in place, it’s easy to grab take out on your way home from school or work. While quick, eating out is almost always more expensive than preparing a meal at home. Try taking some time on your day off to choose a couple recipes. Use the recipes to create a grocery list so that you know you have everything you need on hand. Making a grocery list with only the items you need for the week will also result in less food waste – and less wasted money!
  2. Watch prices

    Under the price tag for each packaged item at the grocery store you will find a cost per 100g. Since many items like pasta, cereal, peanut butter or yogurt come in different sizes from brand to brand, comparing the price per 100g provides you with a sure way to choose the cheapest option. Make sure you look at all options! Many large companies pay extra money to have their products at eye level, while brands higher or lower on the shelf are often cheaper.
  3. Prep in advance

    After you grocery shop, take some time to chop up fruits and veggies so that they are ready to pack for lunch or to add to recipes. Making a stir fry from scratch on a Monday night could easily take two hours – not doable for most people. If you’ve already prepped your veggies, however, and if you buy chicken in large batches, cut into strips and freeze in single servings, you can easily throw together a stir fry in 20 minutes – much more manageable!

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