Physician & Staff Directory

Administrative Staff

  • Agnieszka Tonga
  • Michelle Anderson
  • Michelle Soucie
  • Monika Noble


  • Lindzie O'Reilly

Director of Student Wellness

  • Alison Burnett

Manager of Health Services

  • Colleen Comerford

Nursing Staff

  • Andrea Bothwell
  • Debra Trask
  • Dori McKinnon
  • Jocelyn Demers
  • Julaine Pletch
  • Kathy Colbert
  • Lori Heitshu
  • Pamela Starratt
  • Sherri Shantz
  • Tammy Wilson


  • Dr. Amy McPhedran
  • Dr. Andrea Chittle
  • Dr. Carolyn Davidson
  • Dr. Dorothy Bakker
  • Dr. Forrest Caldwell
  • Dr. Heather Noble
  • Dr. Jeff Kizis
  • Dr. Josephine De La Torre MD, CCFP
  • Dr. Maria Casale
  • Dr. Momtaz Talukdar
  • Dr. Nancie Parent
  • Dr. Nancy Lennard
  • Dr. Nicole Petrov
  • Dr. Rupinder Sandhu
  • Dr. Ruth Dippel
  • Dr. Shane Neilson


  • Dr. Adrian Lawson
  • Dr. Anita Johnson
  • Dr. Briar Long

Mental Well-Being

Visit the University of Guelph's Mental Well-Being website for more information on Mental Wellness. Also find other healthy living resources on campus and ways to get connected/involved in your campus community for overall mental health and well-being. 

Mental Well-Being