Insurance and Billing

It is important to carry your Health Insurance Card and CSA/GSA Card with you at all times.

Health Services bills the cost of your doctor's visit directly to your primary health insurance company if you are covered under OHIP (or any other provincial health plan), UHIP, GuardMe, or Cowan Benefits Consulting.

Health Services will bill the cost of your visit directly to your insurance company provided that you have either of the OHIP (or any other provincial health plan), UHIP or GuardMe Insurance Card with you at the time of your visit. Not all the services are covered by your primary health care plans. You will be advised if there are additional charges, or you can inquire.

Health Services does NOT bill to any other insurance company other than those stated above. You will be required to pay the cost of the services at the time of your visit if you are covered by another insurance company.  Receipts will be provided for you to claim back from your own Health Insurance Company.

For more information about your OHIP (Provincial Plan) and its coverage, visit The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care website.

All the International Students have their insurance covered under University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP), visit the UHIP website for any other concerns or information regarding your UHIP.

Student Benefits/Coverage

Students have additional health and dental plan benefits through the CSA/GSA. Students can download their CSA/GSA care card from the My Student Plan website, or pick up their card from the Student Benefits Plan office. The broker for this plan is Gallivan & Associates.

Students, Did You Know?

While exact coverage is subject to change, University of Guelph student benefits can include prescription drug, chiropractic, physiotherapy and vision care coverages. Check out the current student health benefits. To learn how to get 100% coverage, visit My Student Plan's Coordination of Benefits page.

NOTE: Your insurance does not cover the charge for missed appointments. See our cancellation policy.

Mental Well-Being

Visit the University of Guelph's Mental Well-Being website for more information on Mental Wellness. Also find other healthy living resources on campus and ways to get connected/involved in your campus community for overall mental health and well-being. 

Mental Well-Being