The Ask Workshop discusses respectful relationships, personal safety, and other effective communication methods in an effort to prevent sexual assault. Talking about sexual assault can be intimidating, but it happens far too often to be ignored or dismissed. In this workshop, students learn about healthy relationships, sexual assault and how to support someone who has been sexually assaulted. Maximum Participants: 30


Beyond Bias

Healthy Living

Eating for Energy


Reefer Mayhem

A jeopardy style workshop about marijuana use. Specific topics include THC trivia, marijuana and your brain and body, cannabis culture and messing with the law. Maximum Participants: 40


Be A Responsible Friend (BARF)

Wellness Workshops

The Wellness Education Centre offers a number of workshops that deal with a wide variety of issues relating to university life. These workshops can be presented upon request for residences, student groups, and organizations both on and off campus. If you have any questions about any of these workshops or would like to book a workshop please email Jean Thompson at