HEAL (Healthy Eating Active Living)

Eating Disorder Awareness Week: display booths providing information on eating disorders and body image

With all the media talk on fitness and nutrition out there, it's hard to know what the real deal is and what the truth is behind those things that seem too good to be true. Food and weight preoccupation is a widespread issue that affects many people.

HEAL Aims to:

  • Increase knowledge and awareness on nutrition, diet, exercise and physical fitness while helping students and the Guelph community make informed food choices, encourage regular physical activity and become media literate on issues related to nutrition and physical fitness.
  • Encourage physical activity for the pleasure of the activity itself, rather than for it's perceived weight loss benefits.
  • Raise awareness and provide education about eating disorders, body image, self esteem and media analysis.
  • Create a warm and accepting environment that celebrates our diversity and dispels the existing myths behind sizeism.
  • Provide information and direction to those who need help for themselves or a friend.

Visit The Wellness Education Centre for more information related to healthy living and eating, body image and eating disorders.

Resources and Information

Mental Well-Being

Visit the University of Guelph's Mental Well-Being website for more information on Mental Wellness, including how to help a friend in need, and quick tips on dealing with feelings of anxiety, depression, stress, loneliness, relationship issues, and sleep issues. Also find other healthy living resources on campus and ways to get connected and involved in your campus community for overall mental health and wellbeing.

Mental Well-Being