WEC Teams


NAKED is the on-campus sexuality awareness team.

LTPB (Leave The Pack Behind)

If you've ever thought about leading a smoke- free lifestyle, don't want to quit, or you just want to talk about or find out more about smoking, then we're here to help!

We're here for everyone! Talk to us about smoking. Visit a 'Leave The Pack Behind' display booth or contact Student Health Services. Check out what we have to offer!

HEAL (Healthy Eating Active Living)

Eating Disorder Awareness Week: display booths providing information on eating disorders and body image

With all the media talk on fitness and nutrition out there, it's hard to know what the real deal is and what the truth is behind those things that seem too good to be true. Food and weight preoccupation is a widespread issue that affects many people.

ABC (Awareness, Balance, Choice)

University is often the time when people begin discovering who they are as individuals. This may include experimenting with new experiences such as getting a new tattoo or piercing, or heading out to the bar with friends on Saturday night. These experiences can be fun, safe, and enjoyable if the necessary precautions are taken. Awareness, Balance, Choice (ABC) is a group of peer health educators who raise awareness and initiate education about low-risk behaviours and decision making.

Wellness Education Centre Teams

A young woman standing beside a young man holding a sign that reads, "I pledge to watch out for Jeff when we're drinking"Awareness, Balance, Choice (ABC)