Flip the Script

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University Centre


Flip the Script is a 2-day program (with lots of really tasty snacks!) that offers attendees ways to resist sexual violence. It flips the script of how women are socialized to act and empowers them to identify and address situations where sexual violence might occur. Full-on. 
Are you interested in reducing sexual violence in your community? Are you interested in personal self-defense? Are you looking for some awesome sex-ed? Are you keen to dismantle the hashtag patriarchy? If any of these things are up your alley, do we have the snacks.. oops... PROGRAM for you! 
Anyone who identifies as a woman is welcome to attend this training that actively discusses gender-based violence. And did we mention snacks?
The program runs from 10am to 4:30pm on Tuesday, July 23rd, and Wednesday, July 24th. Attending both days is required. 
If you have any questions about the program, you are welcome to contact thompsja@uoguelph.ca
(Also, snacks. Like REALLY good ones. We know this is snack hype, but we won't disappoint.) 
Flip the Script is part of a research study on the effectiveness of your trainer's training. Please note participants will be invited to complete questionnaires based on their experience for which they will receive gift cards. The training will also be anonymously audio recorded. 
Hosted By: Wellness Education Centre
Additional Information can be found at: https://uoguelph.campuslabs.ca/engage/event/101952

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