Counselling: What to Expect

Booking an Appointment

  • Call ext. 53244 to schedule.
  • Come in person to UC level 3, South Elevator. Follow posted signage to Counselling Services front desk. Ask to schedule.

Urgent Walk-in appointments for registered students:

Intake appointments

  • 50 minute assessment and intervention appointment
  • choice of seeing female or male counselor
  • email reminder of this apppointment through GryphMail
  • information sheet regarding our services
  • intake and confidentiality sheets to be filled in prior to your appointment

Checking in

  • check in with front desk when you arrive for any appointment
  • if you are in the waiting room for more than 10 minutes after the expected start time of your appointment, please check in with the front desk again

What's next?

  • After intake appointment you will discuss followup or referral.
  • For longer term or more intensive counselling, we can provide you with community resources.

Other helpful services

Student Support Network (SSN)

  • 12pm-10pm Monday-Friday Fall and Winter
  • located in Raithy House, across from canon
  • run by upper-year students trained in peer support
  • provide an ear to listen and give you a space to vent and/or discuss life issues

Health Services

Use Health Services for:

  • a diagnosis and/or medical treatment
  • documentation for academic consideration based on medical grounds.
  • the diagnosis required to access Student Accessibility Services.

Student Accessibility Services

  • for students with diagnoses, either physical or mental health related, and/or functional limitations that are related to health in some way

Campus Police

  • for safety related questions or concerns or emergency situations