What is an immediate Crisis?

Identifying Crisis Situations

To determine a crisis situation, note if the incident:

  • involves a threat of serious injury or potential danger to someone
  • poses a threat of serious disruption
  • involves potential legal liability
  • has other unique features which make the incident volatile

Examples of Crisis Situations

  • serious injury
  • sudden death of student, staff or faculty member
  • physical violence or threat of physical violence 
  • traumatic event
  • threats

Examples of Disruptive Individuals

  • unusual, unreasonable or unacceptable behaviour
  • attitudes that interfere with the academic, administrative or other activities of the University community
  • verbal or physical threats or assault
  • damage to University or other people's property
  • misconduct resulting from drug or alcohol abuse
  • persistent and unreasonable demands for time and attention 
  • habitual interference with the work or classroom environment.