Training and Consultation

Mental Health and Wellness Training

The University provides Mental Health and Wellness Training for all staff and faculty.  These trainings are part of the University of Guelph's Student  Mental Health Strategy.  Staff may progress through the trainings to increase their knowledge and competence in dealing with students experiencing mental health difficulties.    

Counselling Services Training and Workshops 

Counselling Services provides training through workshops and presentations to faculty and staff  across the university.  Let us know if there is something specific you require.  Counsellors schedules fill quickly as the demand for service increases through the semester, but we will try to accommodate your requests.  We work collaboratively with all the departments of Student Wellness Services to try and meet the needs required.  

Consulting with Counselling Services

Counsellors will consult with faculty and staff about how to approach a student experiencing difficulty.   Debriefing a situation increases  learning and may provide some useful strategies on how to cope with or resolve the situation. Contact Counselling Services @ ext. 53244.  We try to respond within 24 hours. Please Note:  If more urgent contact Campus Police or the Mental Health Care Coordinator @ ext. 

Please visit our Confidentiality page for how we respect students' privacy and personal information.

Mental Health Support for Staff and Faculty

There are many resources for staff and faculty regarding their own mental health.  Please consult Occupational Health and Wellness to learn about your access to counselling through the Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) and your benefit plan as well as the many programs offered to employees.