Responding to Students in Crisis or at Risk

The University of Guelph is a community committed to education and learning. There may be times however, when students experience circumstances that may negatively affect their behavior, their ability to engage in the demands of university life including coursework, or may raise concerns regarding their safety and the safety of others. 

Student At Risk Protocol

The student at risk protocol is managed by the Student at Risk Team: S.A.R.T.

S.A.R.T. is a group of professional staff who are responsible for the following when dealing with specific student cases:

  • To provide timely and coordinated support for students who are in crisis that will help facilitate academic and interpersonal success. This support will include the identification of appropriate services and staff.
  • To provide a sensitive and coordinated response to people personally impacted by the behaviour.
  • To ensure that there is an accurate and efficient flow of information in a manner consistent with applicable legislation.

Definition of Students in Crisis or at Risk

The University of Guelph recognizes that an emotional, psychological and personal crisis is a very subjective one: generally it is a situation in which the student experiences intense and significant personal difficulty.

These include:

  • Severe impact of academic performance.
  • Unusual behaviour or exhibiting a notable change in behavior.
  • Serious problems or losses in relationships
  • Personal presentation that is characterized as distraught, confused or disoriented
  • Behaviour that is threatening to self or others including suicidal ideation and attempts
  • Disruption in class or living environment
  • Alcohol or Drug abuse

Events that can trigger a crisis for a student:

  •  loss of significant relationships
  • unexpected traumatic experiences
  • academic stressors
  • family pressures
  • expectations of self 
  • pre-existing or emerging mental health issues

 In determining the severity of the risk and the nature of the response the following factors will be assessed:

  • Life threatening for the individual.
  • A threat of serious injury or potential danger to someone in the community.
  • A potential legal liability or other unique feature which deems the incident volatile.

Student at Risk Team Membership

The chair of the team will be the Manager of Students at Risk

Accessing the Students at Risk Team

If any member of the community has concerns regarding a student’s behavior, that individual should forward those concerns to any member of the S.A.R.T. Concerning behaviour includes: actions, or statements that suggest the student may be or has become a threat to themselves or others; a significant change in student behaviour; or a belief that the student’s personal problems are significantly impacting their academic success. 

Emergency Resources

Dial extension 2000 for campus police.

Emergency Poles

There are 26 outdoor Emergency Call Station locations on campus. Just push the button and campus police will respond immediately.

Emergency Phones

All pay phones on campus are equipped with a special button. Just push the button marked "University of Guelph Police" and campus security will respond immediately.