University of Guelph Crisis Response Model

The University of Guelph has two teams to respond to crisis situations:

  • Emergency Management Team is activated if the crisis involves a major emergency/disaster or when an incident has the potential to interrupt the normal activies of the University for an extended period of time.  The University's Complete Emergency Response Plan can be found at: University of Guelph Emergency Response plan
  • The Crisis Management Team is activated if the crisis involves a student. It is chaired by the Manager of Students at Risk.

Emergency Poles
There are 26 outdoor Emergency Call Station locations on campus. Just push the button and campus police will respond immediately.

Emergency Phones 
All pay phones on campus are equipped with a special button. Just push the button marked "University of Guelph Police" and campus security will respond immediately.

Signs that an individual is in crisis may include:

  • Severe impact of academic performance
  • Unusual behaviour or exhibiting a notable change in behavior
  • Serious problems or losses in relationships
  • Personal presentation that is characterized as distraught, confused or disoriented
  • Behaviour that is threatening to self or others including suicidal ideation and attempts
  • Disruption in class or living environment
  • Alcohol or Drug abuse
  • Threats

Situations that can have serious implications and consequences can include:

  • Life-threatening for the individual.
  • A threat of serious injury or potential danger to someone in the community.
  • A potential legal liability or other unique feature which deems the incident volatile.

Crisis Management Team

The Crisis Management Team consists of professional staff from the following Departments:

Accessing the Crisis Management Team

In the event of a crisis, any of the above services can be contacted. In most cases the appropriate individual will be the director of the department. Depending on the severity, nature and impact of the crisis, a meeting will be convened of all the appropriate services to address and resolve the crisis. The manager of Students at Risk will coordinate and convene the team. When appropriate, the Associate Vice-President (Student Affairs) will be informed and consulted.

Functions of the Crisis Management Team

  • To provide a sensitive and coordinated response to people personally impacted by the event and to devise a course of action to respond to the crisis. This plan will include the identification of appropriate services and staff and a response that is immediate and comprehensive. 
  • To ensure that there is an accurate and efficient flow of information to all individuals involved including all (faculty staff, students and family) who are impacted by the crisis.
  • To provide ongoing education and awareness about crisis intervention to the university community

Coping with Crisis Aftermath

Counselling Services and Health Services are prepared to offer specific, confidential interventions in the aftermath of a crisis event. These include:

  • Group Debriefing
  • Individual Debriefing & Counselling

Visit the Resources page for places to contact during after-hours (evenings, weeekends, and holidays).