Exam Change Forms

If a student requires alternate timing of a test or exam (i.e. different from when the rest of the class starts writing), then permission must be granted by the instructor before the booking is put in place.  Examples of times when the student might need alternate timing include:

  1. Functional limitations caused by the disability experienced by the student
  2. Medication effects
  3. Scheduling conflict as the result of additional time (an accommodation)
  4. Compassionate grounds that are not disability-related
  5. Religious observances

Under any of these circumstances, the student would typically obtain an Exam Change Form from SAS, have it signed by the course instructor, and return it to the Exam Centre at least 7 days in advance of the date of the test/exam, and no later than the 40th class day. Instructors who receive such requests on the basis of a disability are encouraged to verify the need with the student's SAS advisor.