Changes to Tests & Exams

The SAS Exam Centre will make every effort to accommodate last minute changes to tests and exams, however, there are a few things to keep in mind:

During busy times, students may be seated in a variety of satellite locations.  They are assigned to these locations based on the types of accommodations they require and not necessarily by the exams they are writing.  Consequently, students writing your exam could be spread across multiple buildings.

Given some of our space constraints, we often have students scheduled back to back in any given location.  This makes it difficult or impossible to grant students extra time on the fly.

Some students experience disabilities that make it difficult to proceed with an exam out of sequence. The stress of the exam situation combined with certain types of disabilities can impair their ability to skip a section and come back to it. This can be highly distressing for some individuals.

In the event that a last minute change is required, we are happy to problem-solve with faculty members in order to find an appropriate solution.